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BasicFirst's Doubt Clearing provider a manifestation platform for student. parents and teachers to engage with the best faculty and get their queries cleared within a short period of time. Student have the freedom and convenience to choose their desired mode of communication (chat, email, video whatsapp,phone call and classroom) to resolve their doubt and our renowned faculty will help address their concerns in their preferred format

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General FAQs

  • Q. I am interested. How do I proceed

    Fill up the enquiry form. Click Here, we will contact you to discuss the details. After this critical step you will be needed to pay Rs 10,000/-(Rupees Ten Thousand only) as registration fee. This will be a refunded if the center is not approved else this will be refunded after the center is launched in case the prospective partner backs out after out after the the site is finalized the above mentioned Rs 10,000/-will not be refunded

  • Q. If site is not approved, what about registration fee?

    If your proposed location(s) are not approved. then we will refund your registration fee after deducting the GST amount (16%) We could also agree to explore other mutually agreeable site(s), in a pre-defined penad

  • Q. Which are the other steps for an emcient operationalization?

    As the process of center infrastructure development is operationalized. in parallel. other key process of staff recruitment and training (Teaching and Operational Support) will be operationalized We will also start the local awareness module far a successful center launch. at a mutually agreed upon time depending on the status of the center infrastructure getting ready.

  • Q. What is the next step after application form?

    FAfter the receipt of the completed application form and the registration fee. we will schedule a site visit to your proposed location If the site(s) are approved as per our terms & condition. we will proceed with the next steps which you will be Informed about

  • Q. How much time it will take to start the operations after the site finalization?

    Site finalization is the mast critical stage. We can look at operationalizing the center in 30-45 day period. after the site is finalized Of course. this will be dependent on both of us ensuring our best and timely Inputs during this stage Once the site is finalized and other terms agreed upon the work to complete the center should start immediately. We Will charge an additional security deposit af Rs 2.00000/- ( Rupees Two Lakh only) through a Fixed Deposit (FD) or a Bank Guarantee (BG). The FD will be returned. or the SG revoked. if the work is completed and the center Site is handed over for operation within 45 days of site finalization If the center is not handed cwer in 45 days. the said security deposit will get forfeited or the Bank Guarantee will be Invoked

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