Basicfirst is a coaching initiative started by a group of experienced teachers and education professionals. Its goal is to helpaspiring students pursue a career in engineering, medicine and civil services. Basicfirst offers courses that prepare students of classes VI to XII to tackle the exams of various boards (CBSE, ICSE, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Jharkhand, Bihar) and competitive exams (such as NTSE, Olympiad, KVPY, SAT, AP and Pre-AP). Students who train at Basicfirst are also equipped to participate in competitive contests such as Balshree and National Child awards.

The BasicFirst Edge

Our courses supportstudents in the following ways

  • Build a strong academic foundation in various subjects
  • Promote focussed learning
  • Enhance subject competency and knowledge
  • Sharpen communication skills and aptitude
  • Expose students to various exam scenarios
  • Help meet academic goals


The Basicfirst courses provide a solid foundation for the SA-1 and SA-2 exams conducted by schools. Our training methods include classroom training, contact programmes and periodic workshops, which help students progress from a basic level to an advanced level.

Our Performance Enhancement Programme ensures the students achieve consistentprogress. Periodic assessments and evaluation assist the students to understand where they stand. Our Multi-Dimensional Micro Analysis reports give a detailed feedback to students, specifying the areas they are good at and those that need improvement. Apart from academic coaching, we also hold workshops on personality development, motivation, and career guidance.


At Basicfirst, the focus is on students enhancing their competencies, becoming a 100/100 performer, and achieving the highest level of success in studies and life.

Basicfirst builds the academic, emotional, intellectual, scientific, social and communication skills and aptitude of the students of class VI to XII. We instill in young minds the right attitude towards success, not just in exams but in life too. We also nurture important values such as kindness and service to humanity.

Excelling in Academics

With academic excellence, students can:

  • Get admission into the best schools and professional colleges in India and abroad
  • Bag academic scholarships In India and abroad for further studies
  • Succeed in competitive academic tests (IITs, NEET, AIIMS, civil services exam, etc)
  • Make a strong contribution to the family, society and nation

Our study material includes:

  • Content modules
  • Recorded videos
  • E-books
  • Educational tablet: The entire learning material will be given on an educa tional tablet (NotePad, for an extra fee). Students need not carry their books or assignments in the physical form every day.
  • Concept revision modules
  • Assignments (Level I, II, III): Fortnightly and bi-monthly assignments assess students and help them stay in tune with the objectives of the school / board curriculum.
  • Numerical ability development modules
  • Practice questions for SA-1, SA-II, finals and board exam
  • Question bank from various boards
  • Daily practice papers for math and science
  • Target practice sheets for SA-I, SA-II, finals and board exam

Our study material includes:

  • Classes in math, science, social studies, English grammar and mental ability
  • Only 60 seats in each centre per subject, so that teachers can focus on students better and students perform well.
  • Intensive and interactive learning along with study materials
    • -Concept-based teaching for understanding in the simplest possible way
    • -Individual doubt clearing sessions
    • -Helping with homework
    • -Smart classes
    • -Advanced revision
  • Performance Enhancement Programme: This helps students become top pers and stay in the ‘90 per cent and above’ bracket in the class. We use tools like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Mind Mapping and Psycho Analysis for students to understandconcepts well and plan study schedules efficiently.
  • Micro analysis of students to identify challenging areas and improve on them so that they can get better scores.
  • Periodic tests after the first term (after September). From October, the tests are weekly till the session ends. These tests get progressively tougher so that students achieve more than what they think they can.
  • Tracking school marks: This helps teachers understand each student better and devise test plans accordingly.
  • Our Basicfirst Tools recognise the students’ requirements and help them score high marks in the school / board examinations.
  • The main coursesare completed by August / September. The second phase involves advanced learning (till December). During the third phase (January-February), students are given adequate revision before the exams.
  • Proper care and attention is given to students who are not performing to the desired level (scoring less than 80 per cent).
  • Special classes on mental ability to prep for NTSE, PSA and civil services exams.

Developing Competency

Our Special Learning methods test and develop the knowledge and competency of students.


  • A special batch for advanced learners covering syllabus for NTSE, NSO, IMO, IEO, NSTSE, Olympiad, KVPY, SAT exams
  • Experienced faculty who have cleared competitive exams
  • Periodic tests (targeting the qualifying marks for the above mentioned tests)
  • Additional theory and questions on all topics
  • Tests papers from national and international exams
  • Reference books and printed material
  • Workshops and seminars to boost the students’ competitive spirit

Accomplishing Goals

Our focussed and disciplined learning techniquesgive students in-depth knowledge and aidthem in achievingtheir academic goals.


  • Special batch for advanced learners covering syllabus of NSEJS, B/A/C/P, RMO & NMTC exams
  • Classes on math, chemistry, biology & physics
  • Rigorous tests for students who are highly motivated, hardworking and advanced (targeting qualifying marks for the above tests)
  • Interactive lectures
  • Experienced faculty who have cracked similar exams
  • Outstation faculty from our core team
  • Additional theory and questions
  • Test papers of national and international exams
  • Reference books and study materials
  • Motivational workshops, seminars and analysis sessions
  • A strong foundation for future targets like IIT and medical entrance tests

Enhancing Aptitude

We identify the natural ability of students and help them excel in it, using methods like quizzes, summer workshops, science fairs and other events.

Some of the aptitude development programmes :
  • NMTC (National Mathematics Talent Contest) conducted by the Association of Mathematics Teachers of India, Cyber Olympiad (NCO / UCO) Conducted by Science Olympiad Foundation and India / Unified Council, India
  • IRIS Science Fair conducted by Department of Science Technique, India, in ssociation with Confederation of Indian Industry and Intel
  • ASSET, conducted by Educational Initiative, IIMA, India
  • TECHNOTHLON, Conducted by IIT Guwahati, India
  • Summer workshops like SSEP, EPGY, CTY in the US and OSP in the UK
  • Australian National Chemistry Quiz, conducted by the Royal Australian Chemical Institute, Australia

Skill Development

In line with the central government’s Skill Development initiative, we hone the skills of students in the discipline of their choice. We also help students unlearn certain things (like bad handwriting, poor concentration.


  • Motivation workshops and seminars
  • Spiritual events and value-based education
  • Developing appreciation for science and mathematics

Enriching Communication Skills

A working knowledge of English will enhance theconfidence of students and provide the key to success in any field. Our Englishfirst Learning Centres help students improve their English language proficiency and communication skills.


  • Improving listening, reading, writing and speaking skills (as per international standards)
  • Support for TOEFL, IELTS and Graded Examination of Spoken English (GESE) conducted by Trinity College, London
  • Support for AP, SAT and PSAT examinations, conducted by College Board, pre-AP test con ducted by Spring Board, USA, IEO conducted by SOF India, and UIEO exam, conducted by Unified English, Hyderabad
  • Support in debates and group discussions

Global Exposure

Our Basic Enhancement workshops enhancethe students’ knowledge and awareness on happenings across the globe. This enables them to grow and reach levels that are beyond what they think is possible.

We also guide students participating in the following workshops:

Summer / winter / holiday workshops:
  • Participation in National Math Conference Conducted by Association of Mathematics Teachers, India
  • Summer programme for EGPY, CPY, OSP, SSEP
  • Quanta, conducted by CMS Lucknow
  • Eureka International, conducted by CMS Lucknow
  • REFLECTIONS, conducted by CMS, Lucknow
  • Google Science Fair, conducted by Google
  • IRIS Science Fair
  • Balshree Honor

Inculcating Indian Culture

Values are important for the betterment of society and the nation. To inculcate values such as discipline, honesty, respect and peace, our programmeadoptsthe following activities:

  • Classroom prayer
  • Celebration of Indian festivals
  • Celebration of national events
  • Workshop on yoga
  • Sessions and seminars to infuse spirituality